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Some of my favorite Just Blaze beats…

It’s not a mystery that Just Blaze is my favorite producer of all time and SwagGordon always asks me my top 5 or 10 Justin Blaze beats. Well, that task is entirely too hard for a man to accomplish in a timely manner. The main reasons Just tops my list is his versatility and his use of so many different sounds while still keeping it hard at the end of the day. I haven’t seen many producers be as consistent on beat quality as Just Blaze. So I’ve decided to just name a few of my favorite beats from him, no particular order. CAUTION: PLEASE PLUG IN YOUR SPEAKERS.

Young Gunz – Tough Luv

The way those hard drums start out after the perfect intro is just impressive. Match the drums with an intoxicating deep horn and airy chorus strings, you have one of the hardest beats ever made while still sounding smooth at the same time. Listen to that snare, smh. This beat is a hidden gem. Continue reading

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