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A$AP Rocky – Demons (video)

Here’s the video to one of the other songs that I like off the LiveLoveA$AP project. kudos to Clams Casino for another nice production. There’s just something about Rocky’s videos that draw me in. I think it’s mostly because they are raw and there’s nothing phony about them. Among all the videos that he has I mostly enjoy this one and Peso. My favorite part of this video is at 1:46. I find it funny that he said “f#ck a metrosexual, I fin to f#ck the b#tch you next to“, it’s kind of an oxymoron if you think about it, because he refers to himself as “Pretty Flacko”. (kanye shrug)

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Nardwuar vs A$AP Rocky

Didn’t realize that the mob was down to earth like that. Nardwuar is the king of interviews, he could find sugar in a snow storm. I’m glad that Nardwuar requested that Rocky introduce the members of his crew. “Crack Baby” truly resembles his name, lmao. When he pulled out that Harlem World vinyl I was about to freak out, that’s that good good right there. I for real didn’t know that ‘Peso’ was a sample of that S.O.S. song. “how do you know Desiree”, lmao, Nardwuar trying to get at that huh!

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