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Lute – #Nevertheless ft. SchylerChaise

I too remember my days of riding down Beatties Ford.

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ForeverFC – 704 (Review)

For the 4th of July ForeverFC has also decided to drop a mixtape/compilation. I still think that these guys should be getting more hype. To me Lute’s West1996 set the bar for this group so I’m expecting to hear some growth and hopefully this new project will reveal that. Let’s see what they have to offer now. Continue reading

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Another song that makes my face look like this…

I first heard this song around the same time that I got Lute’s West1996 album. It’s short but this joint will have your face instantly transforming into something similar to the picture above. Enjoy Continue reading

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Lute – Real2Real (video)

Didn’t know that this video was out but now that I know I’m feelin it. I like how the video is in black and white, you rarely see that these days. It’s not too complex and it’s raw, they give you something to appreciate in this video. If you haven’t heard West1996 yet you might wanna peep this. Enjoy!

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Lute – West1996 album review

As soon as I got a whiff of this I knew that it was worthy of a review. Especially since Lute is reppin for NC, kudos. When I found out that he was from Charlotte my first thoughts were, oh shit this might be some rugged music. Lute is one of those artist that you see on random blogs and you kind of blow off like welp another rapper that I could listen to and he will probably disappoint me, BUT NOT IN THIS CASE. When I first heard his first song I was blown away, first of all I couldn’t believe NC hit it out of the park with another talented MC besides J.Cole and then I was amazed that his music was actually on that level to be the next one to take over the underground. For those not in the know the album is titled West1996 for two reasons. 1 – Lute is from the west side of Charlotte (shout out to the 704), 2 – he was first introduced to hip hop in 1996 when he was 7 years old. Just a little background, now let’s get into it. Continue reading

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