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SchylerChaise – Living for the Moment (Video)

Filmed Entirely using an iPhone 5s. An interesting video. SchylerChaise has a project coming out soon and I can’t wait to hear what it will sound like.

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Forever FC – Warning (video)

Forevcer FC delivers another tough record. They have been consistent since I first Lute. QC stay up!

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ForeverFC – 704 (Review)

For the 4th of July ForeverFC has also decided to drop a mixtape/compilation. I still think that these guys should be getting more hype. To me Lute’s West1996 set the bar for this group so I’m expecting to hear some growth and hopefully this new project will reveal that. Let’s see what they have to offer now. Continue reading

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Another song that makes my face look like this…

I first heard this song around the same time that I got Lute’s West1996 album. It’s short but this joint will have your face instantly transforming into something similar to the picture above. Enjoy Continue reading

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Lute – Real2Real (video)

Didn’t know that this video was out but now that I know I’m feelin it. I like how the video is in black and white, you rarely see that these days. It’s not too complex and it’s raw, they give you something to appreciate in this video. If you haven’t heard West1996 yet you might wanna peep this. Enjoy!

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