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My 2 Favorite Tracks from Clams Casino’s Instrumental Tape

Clams released an instrumental tape a while back and I have been listening to it from time to time. I have to say that his productions do more for me than hearing somebody slaughter his beats. I let Satch get a listen to the tape and he said that most of the beats sound the same, I have to agree with his statement. But where we differ in opinion is how we feel about that. I like his beats for the most part, you can tell that he has plenty of potential and I just hope that he continues to grow and put more passion behind it as he goes forward. The two tracks that I enjoy listening to the most are Continue reading

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A$AP Rocky – Demons (video)

Here’s the video to one of the other songs that I like off the LiveLoveA$AP project. kudos to Clams Casino for another nice production. There’s just something about Rocky’s videos that draw me in. I think it’s mostly because they are raw and there’s nothing phony about them. Among all the videos that he has I mostly enjoy this one and Peso. My favorite part of this video is at 1:46. I find it funny that he said “f#ck a metrosexual, I fin to f#ck the b#tch you next to“, it’s kind of an oxymoron if you think about it, because he refers to himself as “Pretty Flacko”. (kanye shrug)

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Clams Casino – I’m God

Came across this video while searching for some songs by Clams and I was like damn this is some mellow sh#t. Then I got to thinking, where have I heard this song before…hmmm…well… Continue reading

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