Sample from A$AP Rocky’s “Bass”

I always have wondered where the excerpt at the beginning of Rocky’s “Bass” came from and how it related to the song. Well now I found out where it came from, but still don’t understand how it relates to the song. Peep that Rocky up top first. That’s that sh#t. Now peep this.

Man dude was going bananas on that dude. I wonder what lit a fire under this dude’s ass. Check that lady next to the dude, she like “omg I can’t wait to get off this train”.This ni99a must just got out of the bing, having trouble readjusting to society, still thinking he have to show a lil chest to make it through the day. lmao. RECOGNIZE THAT SHIT! A-F#CKIN-SAP YOU DONT PUT NO FEAR IN MY HEART!

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