100+ Kendrick Lamar Quotes

  1. “Kendrick Lamar, his mama called him that, he watched House Party and ate Apple Jacks”
  2. “Yall married to the game well I’m about to crash weddings”
  3. “look at me look at me, im a loser, im a winner, im good, im bad, ima christian, im a sinner, im humble, im loud, im righteous, im a killer, what im doing, im saying that im human”
  4. “grown….men never should bite their tongue unless you eating p$#@y that smell like it’s a stale plum”
  5. “some say im crazy cause I think like I need a shrink”
  6. “I stole a Bible, is that a sin?”
  7. “Your career bout as frail as Ms.Winehouse”
  8. “I want diamonds too, Ronnie on Players Club”
  9. “Some people look at my face then tell me don’t worry about it, i give em back they deposit, no money, just total silence”

10.“Look at her hips, I want to be her pager”

11.“My plan be to win your hearts before I win a Grammy”

12.“Stare at the eyes of Mozart and tell em, I’m the genius, do my Dougie and grab my penis”

13.”Even if I did, I guarantee I’d overshadow you, like a f***ed up taper than turned to a bold cut”

14.“Man, no wonder our lives is caught up in the daily superstition / that the world is bout to end
Who gives a f*ck? we never do listen, / unless it comes with a 808, 
A melody and some hoes / playstation and some drank, technology bump my soul”

15.“When yall was playing Playstation, my pencil was erasing…..lines”

16.“You hate a ni&&a for trying to help you, that’s your bad”

17.“Running til I got a bunyun and my feet cramped”

18.“still knock em out the park like a f$$king towed car”

19.“can’t even spell ‘competitor’, lord as my witness”

20.“screaming out f%$k the world, I’ll tell you when I’m through nutting”

21.“I aint a drinker Im a thinker, call it what you want”

22.”remember the very day I got caught, I murdered a rapper and you found the police report”

23.“She told me that my head bigger than a bus wheel”

24.“I’m standing in a field full of land mines, doing the moonwalk hoping I blow up in time”

25.”Give me respect, dammit, or get damaged”

26.“I’m off track like Dale Earnhardt, my liver rotten, alcoholic tripping, f##king bad bi$#hes, and they got bad intentions…”

27.“A** so fat that it tipped over the Aston”

28.“be on my last dollar and split the bill wit cha”

29.“Die trying to fly, a shot down frisby”

30.“in the gutta lane like I’m Master Splinter”

31.“The tree for the low, don’t you know, Paul Bunyun”

32.“Our freedom was so vague, couldn’t see it with the eyes of Tracy Ross”

33.“Too proud to beg, sorry Left Eye”

34.“Kendrick lamar, the modern day Malcolm, humbling mayrtrs, but these margins can move mountains”

35.“can’t let the government tell me how my future looking”

36.“im 23 with morals and plans of living cordial, not rich but wealthy, there’s nothing you can tell me”

37.“Life’s a b&%ch, don’t hit women so I bit her”

38.“my itinerary is very hectic, I break records on every record, im truly wreckless”

39.“I tell you mothaf***ers that life is full of hydraulics, Ups and downs, get a 6-4 better know how to drive it”

40.“That boy remind me of a young Martin Luther the way he peace up troopers and round up shooters”

41.“ha ha ha, I like to joke, got a sense of humor, stale face, played me short like a Umpa Lumpa, you aint got to screw up your face in front of the kids…..why don’t you lighten up like Michael did?”

42.“babies from the late 80s wasn’t born crazy, we was raised that way”

43.“I know to follow Him instead of following people or follow vanity, cause that means I’m following evil, guess I’m following evil, I shall follow cathedral, blessings I need but live like I don’t need You”

44.“I penetrate the hearts of good kids and criminals”

45.“I be off the slave ships, building pyramids, writing my own hieroglyphs”

46.“closed minded ni$$as getting clotheslined”

47.“Of course my dreams was to play in the Final Four until the 12th grade came and I was only 5’4””

48.“my sweet 16s probably need a school I.D.”

49.“I’m a close cut between Common and Gucci Mane”

50.“my uncle doing life inside prison, he wasn’t wrapped too tight, he told me rap about life, not rap ni%%as”

51.“Everybody heard that I fuck with Dre and they wanna tell me, I made it, ni&&a I ain’t made shit, if he gave me a handout, ima take his wrist and break it”

52.“and if my record never break I still wont break my promise, I promise to keep it honest”

53.“We all get distracted,  the question is, would you bounce back or bounce backwards?”

54.”I want Diamonds too, Ronnie on Player’s Club”

55.”I make an album that’ll put a smile on Malcolm, make Muther Luther tell God Im the future for Heaven’s talent”

56.“Wicked as eighty reverends in a pool of fire with’ devils holding hands, from the distance, don’t know which one is a Christian, damn”

57.“I spread love like a hippy but Im a black one, with Jesus Christ’s passion”

58.”….but I wont share it, just make you cop it, then call you a Sheriff, stop it”

59.“she hit the backseat, cause Rosa Parks never a factor when she’s topping off Police”

60.“I’m convinced we already in Hell, pass the blunt, devil”

61.”I’m trying to feel the vibe of Mona Lisa studying art, now paint that picture”

62.“my impurities probably your best asset, I spit acid, hit your block and crumble your address….”

63.“I wrapped him and made him Casper”

64.“Racism is still alive, yellow tape and colored lines, f*** that, ni&&a look at that line it’s so diverse, they getting off work and they wanna see Kendrick”

65.”I’m going through something in life but pu**y and patron make me feel alright”

66.”bernie mac died, its no joke”

67.”he was wired up like a pair of jumping cables”

68.”It’s my world, I grab the universe and play kickball, and they wonder why these California earthquakes hitting so”

69.”Im on the toilet when I rhyme”

70.“my life is a scary movie, your life is a male groupie”

71.“stand for something or fall for anything, and you working with two left feet at the skating ring”

72.”I remember being 17 wishing someone would sign me, now the only way these labels get me back is if they rewind me”

73.”I tell my ni**a ‘front me, let me put it on the strip’, then give it back when I think about the consequence”

74.”remember the universe use to be innocent, now they just look at us crazy like immigrants”

75.“Remember sergeant let her slide, said if he seen what’s between her thighs he’d compromise”

76.“my future so bright I’ll probably go blind before I blink twice, I aint lyin”

77.”who is kdot? a young ni%%a from Compton on the curb,writing raps next to a gunshot”

78.”my flow worth the Earth, that’s not to be appraised”

79.“her anatomy is God’s temple, and her castle’s about to be destroyed”

80.”Am I a square cause I dont puff a square, are my raps to blunt to hit the blunt, yea”

81.”I’m trying to learn something new, trying to surround myself with people that inspire me”

82.“f**K a funeral just make sure you show my music respect”

83.”if you look inside my mind you’d probably see atomic bombs, loaded with explosive grenades holding dope rhymes”

84.“But only 17 and 7 cars start honking, she start running like Flo-Jo”

85.“ni##as dying, muthaf##k a double entendre”

86.”cars will collide when I’m on this beat, wreck sh*t for the record once the record peaks”

87.”and I roam with the heart of a violin, dont violate my patience I’m waiting………………………to kill a man”

88.”man I gotta get down with God cause I got my sins up”

89.”TSA, man I’m fly”

90.”Cats so watered down clowns could sink Titanics, tie titanium around they neck and watch em panic”

91.”It’s hotter than a lunatic’s underarm in a straight-jacket…”

92.”money flow like water, i’ll just wait at the dock”

93.”I’m just a messenger, yea they say life’s a b**ch, get the best of her”

94.“you’ll never hop in my lane while you pushin a Rav 4″

95.“don’t you know your imperfections is a wonderful blessing, from heaven is where you got it from”

96.“what are you plans, to win a Grammy? Sweet taste of victory like Oprah punanny”

97.“1987, the children of Ronald Reagan raked the leaves off your front porch, With a machine blow torch”

98.“So won’t you bare witness while I bare feet so you can walk in my shoes and get to know me”

99.“I wanna live in a space that none of yall can visit, it might be outerspace – the Jupiter district”

100. “you cant act like no b%$ch, that only got Tyler Perry famous”

101. “…finding more light to shed like a small garage in your backward”

102. “I lived my 20s at 2 years old, the wiser man”

103. “I was a black sheep, but now I’m just a goat”

104. “I’m out of orbit, you an Orphan and a hairdresser combined”

105. “Have you ever had known a saint that was taking sinner’s advice?, well it’s probably you, am I right? If I’m wrong, you a fu*king lie”

106. “Pac told me f**k the world, I’m bout to cum now”

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19 thoughts on “100+ Kendrick Lamar Quotes

  1. Nic says:

    “I’d rather not live like there isn’t a God Then die and find out there really is Think about it”

  2. Coco Lady! says:

    Kendrick Lamar is one of the best doing it right now. He does not get the recognition he deserves.

  3. swaggordon says:

    I think that he will get the recognition eventually and I think he won’t disappoint whenever he spreads thru the masses

  4. ShardayTheBoss says:

    Kendrick Lamar has a rhyme that most cant even compare to! And that’s why soon enough he’ll get all the recognition he needs and more I’m always going to be a loyal Kendrick Lamar fan!!

  5. Thank you for the good writeup. It in reality was a amusement account it. Glance complex to far brought agreeable from you! However, how could we keep in touch?

  6. swaggordon says:

    email justmythoughtsblog@gmail.com
    thx for the support

  7. Chaneya says:

    i love youuuu Kendrick Lamar!! :)

  8. Pee-Wee says:

    Okay, granted I never really heard KL rap yet but after reading his quotes… I’m not really impressed at all. Before I listened to J.Cole I heard a few quotes and was blown away… I read KL words and don’t understand the hype. No hate… just not impressed at all..

  9. swaggordon says:

    I was the same way at first, then I heard some songs of his that resonated with me and I was impressed. All in all, it’s not about the songs people hype it’s about the songs that hype you

  10. La'Kush lyyn says:

    I love kendick lamar.i hate pple talk dwn and has never heard him rap.but i pull out my phone and let em hear on of his songs,instant fan .His words inspire and blow minds.<3

  11. GoddyLePro says:

    Kendrick’s the black slim shady, simple AWESOME, lyrical genius

  12. Vincent Samuel says:

    Kendrick ur the boss….your lyrics are killing….. Ride on boss.sir

  13. This is my first time pay a quick visit at here and
    i am truly impressed to read everthing at single place.

  14. swaggordon says:

    thx for the support

  15. shira says:

    Have you ever had known a saint that was taking sinner’s advice?, well it’s probably you, am I right? If I’m wrong, you a fu*king lie”!!!! Anybody that can think like this is something else!!! Kendrick you still remain my number one!!!

  16. satchford says:

    Love that one. One of my favorites from him.

  17. Solomon (EIT, Eritrea) says:

    am KL fun, u kno i luv d way he raps he has unique assent n’ his lyrics r so true n’ touching he is for sure lyrical genius!!!

  18. Haha! ““Pac told me f**k the world, I’m bout to cum now””

    The world’s a b*tch, right? Kendrick is ballin’

  19. adel says:

    all hail to kigkunta

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