100+ J.Cole Quotes

What’s your favorite….?
1. “niggas owe me publishing, my style got sampled”
2. “my shit on every street like the curb”
3. “A yellow nigga bout to rise and shine like the sun up” 
4. “I wouldn’t say that you a hoe, just made a hoe decision”
5. “It’s the muthafuckin Don, bitch im fuckin up rewind buttons” 
6. “And if you feel that then I guess I sell crack, get it?” 
7. “Some niggas let they dirt out some just keep it all in em, so when a man die all his secrets go with em and fade, a apart of history never known” 
8. “Nah, I aint Maury Povich but who the fuck is you kidding?”
9. “I’m just getting green like a yard or a garden” 

10. “some niggas gotta walk through life, some niggas rollerskating”

11. “real niggas hustle by using their intuition while these fake niggas aint about doing, they ‘into-wishing’ ”

12. “a nigga so deep, you trying to find me dawg, you gotta drill”

13.  “its always somebody who don’t want you getting cheese, man this whole shit is like tom and jerry”

14. “have yo daddy looking for you, this aint finding nemo”

15. “tell them haters to rehab…..kick rocks”

16. “I know you haters pissed, hold ya bladder though”

17. “You want change, this that between the seats in yo couch shit”

18. “bitch I made straight As, go head and try to degrade us”

19. “Raps go so deep they begin to seem nautical

20. “Guess we rock a lot of ice cause we got a lot of pain”

21. “im chasing dreams sorta like jeans, boy I aint slackin”

22. “lord please let my problems disappear like Ron Mercer”

23. “more blacks singing more blues”

24. “who am I though? That mulatto out for that lotto”

25. “Life is your professor, you know that bitch is gon test ya”

26. “he sticking with his wife and kid, yea that’s a real man”

27. “The thought of losing a good woman keep me from chasing”

28. “I got a chick that stay in DC like a lobbyist”

29. “she fine enough to be miss howard, word to adina”

30. “so high, if I drop I would fall for 11 minutes”

31. “ahead of my time, like I lived my whole life backwards”

32. “cole world, no blanket”

33. “I’m serving niggas, I’ma Sound Waiter”

34. “they say I’m like the human body, I produce my own shit”

35.  “They say I’m the future but I’m giving niggas flashbacks, of better days….”

36. “Tired of sifting through my mail I feel like Cartwright…..Bills”

37. “start talking that we shit, I pause Nintendo on em”

38. “so sick I’ll make you mentally vomit”

39. “all these jose consecos wanna text us like waaco”

40. “I said girl they wasn’t kidding like they tubes tied up”

41. “niggas wanna know the formula for success, but I studied for this test”

42. “the beauty of life, the pain never lasts”

43. “My eyes lit while I think about, my childhood now I’m blanking out, those were truly my best days, the only thing I had to stress was how the hell to get laid.”

44. “I feel the heat, the world is a dryer turning”

45. “life’s a bitch, and im cuffin’ mine”

46. “I use to never see green, I was color blind”

47.  “the flow cold as the shoulder of a gold digging hoe when a broke nigga approaches”

48. “Now they on my dick, I should throw a condom on”

49. “City on my back I feel like I’m holding Big Pun up”

50. “them randy Johnson O.G’s, still pitching”

51. “you can pick apart my raps, I aint told ya nann lie”

52. “Im on a higher level, Im on top of nose bleeds”

53. “and even white women want a nigga, othello”

54. “I sit your ass down like you was playing a chello”

55. “when yall was wearing rap diapers, I was tearing down cyphers”

56. “yeah, you was almost fly but ya flight delayed”

57. “we had a deal you aint keeping up your end of the shit, in my mind I know she get the short end of the stick…”

58. “you laugh, what? cant a nigga dream big? A swimming pool, big screen, mint green Benz, me and Christina Milian with 16 kids”

59. “what is this a barbeque? So why the fuck you grilling then”

60. “when you get to hell, say you know me”

61. “Your shoes too big to fill? I can barely fit my toes in one”

62. “Partially functional, half of me is comfortable, the other half is close to the cliff like Mrs. Huxtable”

63.  “I’m quarterbacking trying to get you open like receivers”

64.  “Ol bitter ass, sit around in middle class homes with computers on, hating on the newest song”

65. “Never say I’m better than Hov but I’m the closest one”

66.  “my dick is like a man with a mind of his own”

67. “looking at my deal, I probably cant afford benefits”

68. “Dreams of being behind the Will like Jada”

69. “Buying out the bar because I feel it’s shit I gotta prove…”

70. “you bored her like Mexico”

71. “knew I would kill the game, premeditated murder”

72. “He beat you and you went back, you’s officially stupid”

73.  “rappers took a vacation, I came over to house-sit”

74. “My name aint James, my word is bond”

75. “Ah no ma’am, I’m an old land mine, I been waiting to blow up for a long damn time”

76. “A nigga get G’s like them Disney flicks”

77. “From a civic to a 7, must have died and went to heaven”

78. “hey, Gary Coleman just passed, life is short”

79.  “You got to dream like you never seen obstacles”

80. “The mind state of a young black genius conflicted….”

81. “When u this hot, everybody’s a critic, but when you this high, everybody’s a midget”

82. “Be you, that’s when it sounds bea-u-tiful”

83. “type of nosey ass niggas to watch the fight til its over, they ran when the gats came out, I moved closer”

84. “And you don’t want no problems, on some math class shit”

85. “Got the type of bump that make a dog wanna hump her”

86. “I feel ashamed cuz the good Lord done brought all this success to me, and all I seem to focus on is all the stress on me”

87. “hit the club, she drop it low, lower than my credit sco(re)”

88. “Fast life until the gas light…”

89. “you chase a dream then you stop, guess you’ll never know”

90. “make the angels say Lord, how he do that?”

91. “nobody touching me its like I got the cooties rapping, remember when we called niggas African Booty Scratchers, yea that was random man but so is life, you grab your needle, grab your thread and hope you sow it right”

92. “cole world got me sneezing”

93.  “you niggas gotta log in, bitch you fantasy balling”

94. “heating up like May weather, dawg im on that Floyd shit”

95. “you know how i know im the shit, cause i keep clogging up the toilet”

96. “You trying to kick this shit I kick, boy you gon stub ya toe”

97. “you can blame it on the liquor like a prohibition”

98. “you know I feel your pain, therefore I slang this hope shit, and give you lines that you’ll rewind and think, oh shit”

99. “he kicked me out the line, yea he punted on me”

100. “Flight attendant woke me up said, Mr Cole, you have arrived, welcome”

101. “the fast lane make me reminisce on slower life”

102. “I got that D baby, aint talking vitamins”

103. “This the rap moses, scratch that, mary and joseph’s son”

104. “I’ll never fall off, knock on wood ya’ll”

105. “these niggas bitches on the low, they Mrs. Doubtfire”

106. “clown told me, ‘aint you roc, well where the fuck yo chain at?’ I guess it’s something like yo girl, nigga it aint came yet”

107. “Rappers claim that they sick, I heal niggas for good”

108. “I see em grillin, I ate it though”

109. “You know the cliche, lifes a bitch but I’m gon marry dat ass”

110. “my life is like a movie, you like 3 or 4 previews”

111. “cole world baby, 3 below 0”

112. “Couldn’t name a bug with a buzz that’s bigger than mine”

113. “Cole finna blow with his old snotty ass”

114. “Im so high I could palm 2 clouds”

115. “I was loved, I was hated, just a nigga with a dream”

116. “I use to rock sidelines like a coach suit”

117. “cole world, get ya peacoat”

118. “The devil out here buying souls nigga no refunds”

119. “All them other couples we fucked with secretly hated, flash forward, its been years and we the only ones who made it”

120. “We sippin liquor for the pain that the world brings”

121. “when they bury me just know that I was nothing but a man”

122. “Back to the topic, actually forgot it….hoes, money, I’m the shit, oh yea I’m reminded”

123. “What good is being the one if you the only one that knows it….”

124. “cole under pressure, what that make?, diamonds”

125. “mama hands together like 6:30″

126. “Fuck the world, bust a nut and let my semen sprout”

127. “hotter than ike turner temper, you december maybe”

128. “but the wait is fuckin over, its like im fuckin oprah, well worth the wait(weight)”

129. “Ironic you been sleeping on the one you been dreaming bout”

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37 thoughts on “100+ J.Cole Quotes

  1. Jared says:

    You forgot the best one, “Down in Miami, and I’m throwed like Marino”

  2. True. That’s a good one. Thanks.

  3. belinda says:

    you forgot “Living in this world where niggas shun virgins and praise hoes”

  4. jo says:

    But my city love breakfast, ’cause niggas had toast early

  5. #ColeWorld says:

    how about, “Yall talkin hard but you still aint push me They say you are what you eat and I still aint pussy.”

  6. YAYEEZY says:

    “I Just G’d her(jeter), No A-rod”…

  7. uncle sam says:

    I heard this one today: “Your listening to the most high like the pope on dope”

  8. Anonymous says:

    ”the truth is we all the same on different teams but its all a game ,the objective tryna score.. you got a wife you find a whore”

  9. Anonymous says:

    I seen a baby cry seconds later he laughs.. Beauty of life pain, pain never last

  10. jeyshka says:

    “Keep grindin’ boy, your life can change in one year,
    And even when it’s dark out, the sun is shining somewhere.”

  11. Excellent post, you have pointed out some excellent details , I too conceive this s a very amazing site.

  12. swaggordon says:

    Appreciate your support! spread the word.

  13. Tahir C says:

    Can’t believe you forgot the best one!!!

    “I swear I walk with God but the Devil keeps following”

  14. Jeremiah says:

    How about this one, ” You would think I’m homeless the way I’m picking up dimes”

  15. DGJR says:

    plus my dick is like a man wit a mind of his own, and im tryna stay strong , remind myself she aint bout shit, these hoes the same all they change is the outfit

  16. ms.situation says:

    my fav is u no that i am the shit cause i be clogging up the toilets

  17. FIHI says:

    I love the one where he says unimpressed with you niggas, yall only the shit cause i digested you niggas! Cole-WORLD

  18. Anissa says:

    Life is your professor, you know that bitch is gon test ya.

  19. Kimora says:

    “These boys got them holsters in clips, they packed like Lunchables…Like white boys in grade school, how we ate school made food..Just eyeing they sh*t, wish I was trying they sh*t…Knowin when mama hit the store she wasn’t buying that sh*t..”

  20. Tikal says:

    u aLl 4got this c8nt believe u guyS……….”Baby you summertime fine, I let you get on top, I be the underline”

  21. Miguel says:

    Im about to go hard, like ive just seen some nipples on beyonce, no disrespect to Hov but to say i wouldnt would make me beyond gay.

  22. Jallan says:

    “Money over Bitches but we still Under Dogs”

    “No Criminal Record but I’m making Criminal Records”

  23. bantu says:

    Dude is too dope,,,,,,*magic

  24. #FlyAboveAllHaters says:

    2 of my favorite j_cole quotes
    “In My Pocket Is A Dollar Plus A Dream”
    “I’ma Take My Spot At The Top And I Ain’t Lookin Back”

  25. Bree says:

    I’m tryna get beside you like the number nine dime you fine as hell I guess I met you for a reason only time can tell

  26. ColeWorld-_- says:

    Cole World , No Snuggie
    I swear I walk with god , but the devil keep followin
    If they don’t know your dreams , then they can’t shoot em down

  27. Great post! Love your content! Thanks.

    J Cole is a genius. Favorite song has to be “Dollar and a Dream III” and my favorite lines are from “Sideline Story” here’s my favorite lines:

    “I made it to the Roc, even though they tried to box me out
    I got the key to the game, they tried to lock me out
    But what they don’t understand is this is all planned
    It’s a bigger picture and you can’t photoshop me out
    Some nigga ask me why Jay never shout me out
    Like I’m supposed to give a fuck
    Don’t you know that I be out in France
    Where the fans throw they hands like Pacquiao
    Not cause my looks, cause my hooks could knock Rocky out”

    Never get’s old! #ColeWorldNoBlanket

  28. Precious says:

    if i could gift wrap the globe i’ll give you the world<3

  29. Gift godson says:

    One of my fave j cole lines: we from the school of hard knocks but your crew cut class, half white but don’t think I’ve got a ku klux pass.

  30. Reefah Kaliss says:

    all tym favourite

  31. drewsimba says:

    “If real recognize real, thats why it took a motherfucker like Hover to sign me”

  32. Renee Ebanks says:

    if my heart stop pumpin’ tomorrow don’t feel no sorrow, cause life is hard mentally and everything is meant to be.


  33. satchford says:


  34. Samantha says:

    ” If they don’t know your dreams, they can’t shoot ’em down. “

  35. ronny says:

    j cole is best rapper, yeh and i like the song (cole world) in this song’ u can get lot of things about 2day’s life in this world

  36. shank says:

    Or girl I do it til the Max, nissan

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