If it aint directed directly at me I can’t respect it…

Just recently Eminem dropped another album that he promised would make up for his recent let downs. He says that it is a composition of his work which may imitate the sounds off his most lethal albums, ranging from Infinite to The Marshall Mathers LP. I believe he delivered on his promise on his newest album Recovery. On one song, “Seduction”, that I have been listening to constantly; I hear something in the second verse that has been twisting my noodle for a while. I want to think that Em is taking shots at Jay-Z, yes Young aka HOV. The words in the verse do not really insinuate that he is actually taking jabs at Jay. It’s more of the flow that he uses that brings me to this point. He delivers the verse with energy at a pace that may tangle your ear. Kind of reminds you of Jay’s flow from back in the day. He even uses Jay’s infamous pauses “Aw, NAW, Oa”.

There’s a 7 disc CD changer in the car, And I’m in every single slot, and you’re not (Aw)
And I’m not about to sit back and just keep rhym’n one syllable (Naw!)
Switch it up, and watch them haters not give it up
Cuz they just not good enough, but I’m not givin up
Til I get my respect, and I won’t stop til I get enough

In this verse he focuses on him stepping back up and rhyming like he was before or even better. Does he use the description of a woman as the rap game in a metaphoric sense? I have no idea, but let’s not count that out. Em is smart and he can go at anyone he wants. The flow and delivery in this verse is ironically close to the same flow Jay uses in “30 Something” off his Kingdom Come album. Here listen:

Marshall usually doesn’t throw subliminals as far as I know. He says what he feels and he will call you out at any moment, i.e. Britney Spears, Elton John, and Mariah. But you can never tell. He did mention that he was thinking about dissin Kanye and Lil’ Wayne.

Eminem – “Talkin 2 Myself”
I went away I guess and opened up some lanes
But there was no one who even knew I was goin through, growin pains
Hatred was flowin through my veins, on the verge of goin insane
I almost made a song dissin Lil Wayne
It’s like I was jealous of him cause of the attention he was gettin
I felt horrible about myself, he was spittin
and I wasn’t, anyone who was buzzin back then coulda got it
Almost went at Kanye too

He did point out two of the most dominate rappers in the game, so why not go at Jay? Who knows


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